Dreyton Vandale

I took my first guitar lesson when I was 15 years old and after two pressure filled and confusing sessions I quit. Seventeen years later I decided to give it another go and I am so glad that I did. Meeting Guy has been a true unexpected pleasure. Although I had been playing the guitar for many years my practicing was inconsistent and unfocused and Guy provided me with the tools and concepts I needed to maximize my efforts. There were many occasions when we just spoke of music and theory which I found to be very beneficial. Having a true professional to answer your questions and bounce ideas off of is a great asset and Guy provides a very comfortable environment to do so. Taking lessons from Guy re-introduced a love of guitar and music for me and I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks Guy! - Dreyton Vandale

I've been playing for 15 years now and had always been self-taught. However, taking lessons with Guy Onraet over the last year has completely transformed my playing. My technique has progressed to a level that I never thought I could reach, and his teaching on scales and getting around the fretboard have opened up new musical possibilities. I doubt you could find a better teacher, who also happens to be a great human being. - Chris Williamson

I have been taking lessons with Guy Onraet for almost a year now – as a late starter, with a very modest opinion of my own musical ability, I started with very limited expectations about what I could achieve on a guitar – I was just looking for a grounding that would enable me to get along with a bit of rhythm playing or some simple licks that I could enjoy. Guy has opened my eyes to the possibilities of much more and taken me on a journey that has created a true passion in my life. He has a natural talent for communicating both technical and inspirational messages in a way that makes you believe in yourself and your own ability. His creative approach to teaching goes beyond the mere mechanics of handling the instrument and continuously challenges you to develop a broad appreciation of the music you are learning. My hourly lessons are often the highlight of my week and I always leave feeling uplifted and positively motivated. In my opinion Guy is a great musician, a great teacher and a real pleasure to spend time with. If you are serious about learning music and playing the guitar, you will be well rewarded by investing in lessons from Guy. - Andrew Forde

I started learning bass about a year ago with Guy Onraet. When I started I was someone who didn’t have much of a musical ear. Since the first lesson I took, Guy opened up my mind to the wonderful world of music. He transformed my interest in music to an ever-growing passion. He is an extremely good teacher for bass and guitar as well as a very kind and immensely knowledgeable man. Guy’s method of teaching is really helpful and endlessly helps you to develop as a musician in every aspect, as well as strengthen your technique and better your abilities. Guy always allows you to express yourself musically without any restrictions. His lessons are an extremely enjoyable experience and I always leave them feeling filled with insight and completely de-stressed. If you are looking to start guitar or bass or even just looking to better your musical knowledge I strongly believe that there is not a better and more enjoyable way to do it than by being taught by Guy. - Daniel Ambor